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Neemo is a gas-to-revenue service company.

seabiscuit logoThe Beautifuel™ service that we provide takes methane-containing gas and exchanges it for greater revenues than can be generated by any other process.

For natural gas owners, Neemo will generate greater value from your gas than can be generated by selling your gas as pipeline natural gas.

For solution gas owners, Neemo will provide a way to generate better revenues from your solution gas, than using it for power generation, than conserving it, or than flaring and venting your gas.

For large industrial waste gas emitters, with methane in your waste gas, Neemo will provide a way to generate revenues from your waste gases, while drastically reducing your CO2 emissions.

No capital or infrastructure investment is required from the gas owner. Neemo uses its own mobile, modular plant assets and its own workforce, to convert your gas to higher-value chemicals and fuels, at the source. We manage the removal, transport, and sale of the new gas-derived products.

We can use raw natural gas, shale gas, solution gas, pipeline natural gas, flared and vented gas, industrial waste gas (if it contains methane), landfill gas, and biogas.

As a gas owner, you have less stress and less effort, and you generate greater value from your gas assets.

We achieve all of this because of the unmatched methane conversion efficiency of our Seabiscuit™ catalyst and because we use carbon dioxide instead of steam as an inexpensive raw material to greatly increase our process yields. That means that on top of collecting greater revenue by using Neemo's services, you are capturing enormous volumes of carbon dioxide as well.

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